The Bad in The Good

There are some really great things about losing weight: more energy, more confidence, and more love for my body. But I am here to tell you there is one thing that is not so fun about losing weight; getting rid of all the old clothes. The concept seems fun; getting to go buy new, flattering clothes to match the new, healthier body.

This would probably be true for everyone except me because I refuse to buy a new wardrobe until I’ve reached goal. However my closet was becoming a frustrating place to be: constantly sifting through the clothes that are too big, too unflattering and too worn.

I finally braved the chaos and cleaned out my closet, getting rid of everything that didn’t fit, didn’t flatter or didn’t pass the no-stain-no-hole test.



After many outfit changes and I forgot I had this’s, the wardrobe now looks like this.



Four bags of clothes off to Goodwill!


My wardrobe is now very pitiful, remember this when you see me in the same outfit three times in a week. Because, after all, I am stubborn and I will not be replenishing my closet for about another 8 pounds. Smile

Happy Sunday!

Steph name black

What’s your rule of thumb for replenishing clothes?


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