What I’m Loving Wednesday

Good morning. I hope you’ve been having a great week so far, already half way to the weekend!

Does anywhere know where October went? I feel like I just turned around and November is here. I am excited for this month since we have Thanksgiving and Josh’s birthday at the end of the month.

Today I’m loving…

Flowers Just BecauseIMG_0424

Over the weekend, Josh came home with these just because. I think I will keep him. There is something very calming to be about having flowers around, it’s hard to be upset about little things when you have pretty flowers to look at.


Someone wanted to have a picture taken of him too.

Hot Tea On a Cold Day


Fall has really started to kick in around here, we’re still having the occasional warm day after several cool ones but fall is definitely here to stay. Which is just fine with me because I would much rather have the cooler weather.

Besides, baking in the fall is so much more fun than baking in the summer.


I picked this up last month and have been flipping through it, salivating on every page. This recipe has been calling to me lately, maybe soon I’ll finally get around to making it.


Just try to tell me that doesn’t look good.


What are you loving today?

Steph name black


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Sarah

    Things I’m loving:
    -today is my due date. I get to meet my baby anytime between now and the next 2 weeks!
    -brown rice tortillas. I know this sounds funny, but I’ve long been a fan of tortillas, and I just love the texture of the brown rice ones!
    -homemade hot chocolate
    -my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit in 2 days!

    …just to name a few.
    I love this weekly post!

    1. Steph Post author

      You are so sweet Sarah. I cannot wait for you to have that little boy, I’ll be praying for you until then (and after)!


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