Hi! I’m Steph, the brains (or lack thereof, depending on the day) of A Hungry Bookworm.

I love God, my husband, bread in any form, family, sugar, laughing, my cat, cardigans, babies, my friends, cleaning house, Christmas time and books. My dislikes include folding laundry, trying to wrestle the cat into his carrier, taking the trash out and dishonesty.

I am a child of God and I fully believe we are all put on this earth for a reason, I believe one of those reasons for me is to cook. I have a theory on food. I believe that when we feed someone it isn’t just nourishing their body, it is a way of showing them how much we care about them. Cooking is an act of love for me, I get so much joy out of seeing people’s faces when they enjoy the food they eat.

The food I make is not always healthy, although I do my best to make them the healthiest they can be while still tasting good. Sometimes I share recipes that are just plain stick to your ribs good, because you just shouldn’t mess with perfection. Either way, everything I share with you will be good, this I promise you (cue NSYNC music).

I’m so happy you decided to join me here at AHB, is it time to eat yet?


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