Monday Movie Musings

Try saying that five times fast!

My brain is a little all over the place today, so in lieu of no post at all (recipes are not a good thing to write when your brain isn’t functioning properly) I’m just going to ramble a bit ok?

We love movies in our house. We don’t have cable because a) it’s expensive and b) there’s never anything on. So we watch movies a lot.

Currently, I’m slightly obsessed with a few movies……

Oh Thor. You never cease to entertain me.


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I literally cannot stop laughing at this.


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I am entirely too easy to amuse.


It is taking most of my self control not to act like a teeny bopper when I see commercials for the DVD release of The Hunger Games. Although, the book was better. But when is it not?


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Team Peeta!

Speaking of, am I the only one who didn’t realize immediately the little funny in Peeta’s name? Peeta, like pita bread. He is a baker.

I’m brilliant, I know. It only took reading the book twice for me to get it.

Speaking of Hunger Games. This is so me. I didn’t like wasps before I read the book, now I really don’t like them.


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I’m also obsessed with Inception. It makes my brain hurt, and I love it.


Pinterest link <—- Someone please save me from Pinterest.

And if I didn’t love The Pioneer Woman enough, I think we might be soul mates. She loves Inception too <— #5, mind = blown. I’m telling you, it’s the best oh-my-goodness-my-brain-is-going-to-explode movie ever.


I will spare you anymore of my ramblings. Have a wonderful week!!



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