My New Kitchen Canisters

Hey there!

I am exercising an extreme amount of self control by not sharing with you yet another dessert recipe. But don’t worry, it’ll show up pretty soon. Instead, I have to show you my new kitchen canisters. Yes, canisters. You will now get to see my crafty side, aren’t you lucky?

I’ve had the same kitchen canisters for about 4 years, and they were working well for most of that time. But, as I started baking more and making more things from scratch they just weren’t cutting it. Despite their cuteness factor.


They’re the perfect shade of red to match my kitchen, and even had the cute spoons that hung on the side. The problem? Well you see that largest canister on the left? That was my flour canister, it held about 4 cups of flour. Total.

So once I figured out I needed new canisters where else did I go but Pinterest (<–come hang with me!). Someone remind me to dedicate a post to Pinterest one day, I have a slight obsession. Anyway, I kept coming back to Jen’s canisters


Pinterest link

I loved the clear jars! I am so horrible about starting a recipe and coming up short on flour, sugar, brains etc., and then being way too lazy to run to the store so I end up with nothing. This way I always would know when I’m running low on something, which translates to some baked goods actually getting made.

I ended up buying a total of 3 Anchor Hocking jars, 2 gallon size for flour and white sugar and 1 1/2 gallon size for brown sugar.


By the way, a 5 pound bag of flour will fit in that big ole canister. I loved the look of them and all the space, but they felt a little blah. So I brainstormed for exactly 72 seconds, and came up with a plan to spice them up.

I started with some red ribbon and Kraft paper I had on hand.


The paper is 8.5×11 so I hopped on my computer and typed up some labels in Word and printed them off on the paper. I ended up using Lucinda Calligraphy font at about 36 point.


I wanted them to look a little rough so I cut them apart a little haphazardly with regular scissors, them poked a hole in the upper corner.


No, I do not own a one hole punch, that’s how crafty I am.


Then I tied it around with canister with the red ribbon.



The finished product! While I realize I don’t really need the labels on them, but they just look so cute with them I can’t help it.


Since buying these, I have yet to run out of flour or sugar in the middle of a recipe. I’m going to pretend it’s because I have such a better memory now, not because I have a constant visual reminder when I need flour.



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