The Deal-io

As I mentioned the other day, things have gotten a lot slower for me lately, and you won’t hear me complaining! So here’s to deal…

For about the last 3 years, I have been consistently working around 60 hours a week between my 2 jobs. There were multiple variables behind the decision to work not only 2 jobs, but so many hours. Money was the factor in the beginning, when I started working part-time for my Dad (who runs a non-profit organization), Josh had just cut his hours (which is no the case now) so this was a way to make up that money.

Although, it quickly got to the point that I loved my job with my Dad so much that I couldn’t leave it, even when we didn’t really need the money anymore. But, despite how much I loved it, it couldn’t pay me what I needed to make in order to leave my full-time job (in retail) and focus solely on my non-profit job.

So that’s how I ended up in the position of working 2 jobs for so long. It honestly just became who I was, I was the girl who was always working. If I wasn’t working, I was doing housework. For 3 years. Did it get old? Uh, yeah. But it was something I was committed to and I knew eventually I would be able leave my retail job and work full time in my non-profit job.

Several months ago, my Dad and I started discussing my going full-time. After a lot of conversations, prayers and number crunching, we decided that it was time. At the beginning of June I started my new schedule, which consists of working one day a week at my retail job, and the other four days with my Dad.

It has definitely been a major adjustment, but I’m very happy with my decision and my work schedule. I now work a normal, 40 hour work week. Oh my, it is so nice.

Plus I get to see this guy a lot more. I swear we like each other, it was just really wind. I promise, really.


Looking back, I have no idea how I worked so much for so long. It is a miracle I didn’t have any major health issues, stress is bad for your body people!

So anyway, that’s what’s new around here. I’m so excited to be back because, boy howdy do I have some recipes to share with you! Here’s a little teaser….

Blueberry Crumb Cake (or as the Hubby likes to call it, Support Group Cake)


Holy moly, talk about a giant looking fork.

Healthy-fied Brownies


I am now starving, please excuse me while I go eat everything in my kitchen. Note to self: attempt to share more recipes that aren’t dessert. Key word: attempt.




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