For Real

Long time to see (or read, if you’d like to get technical)! Talk about a major sabbatical from the blogosphere. So much has been going on that it will take me awhile to catch you all up on it, but for now I just want you to know that I think I’m back for real this time! Life has gotten a lot slower lately, which is just what I, and the little bloggie need.

I was over at my parents’ house this week and found something I wrote when I was in high school, and reading it reminded me how much I love to write, and how much I have missed it. I’m sure I would have come back to the blog eventually, but this definitely the push I needed.

Besides, I can surely use a dose of winter time right about now, anyone else with me on that?


A Winter’s Walk In The Woods

The falling snow began to lighten, the howling wind began to soften. And as I stepped out the door, I could see that the world was different. Every rooftop, tree branch, and hidden pathway was covered with a blanket of white softness. My feet went straight towards the path I desired, the path which leads to my haven. I walked leisurely through the crisp whiteness, listening to the crunching of snow underneath my feet.

My eyes search for some other life around, but there was none, not even a lonely dog. I felt sorry that everyone else was missing this beauty. For a moment I wished I could run into every house and bring anyone and everyone out into this new world, but if I did, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this beauty alone than to have it be spoiled by too many passers-by.

My pace began to quicken as I became anxious to reach my destination. My heart began to thump and thud, my eyes would not close for fear I might miss my path. Then I saw it, that old oak tree, warn and drooping with age. I always thought it looked as if it were weeping because of all the bad times it had seen, warning those who sat on its low branches to never take this life for granted.

I turned off the road here, giving the old dear tree a pat for good luck, every moment my excitement growing within me. I briskly rubbed my hands together, partly to bring them back to life, partly to release my anxious energy.

As I walked down that strangely familiar path, memories flooded my mind, the day my dearest friend and I first discovered this pathway, my first beau walked me home ‘the long way’ down this road. But this wasn’t just a road for lovers and kindred friends, it was a road for dreamers, for those seeking more in life than simple riches could bring. This was a road that made dreams come to life, made childhood go on forever, and made you believe that any person, no matter how small, could change the world.

I turned around the bend, it was just as I remembered it in my dreams. It was as enchanting as ever, the soft snow now making it seem softer and sweeter. This is my escape, my haven, my perfect world. Or as my mother liked to call it, my imagination.

Talk to ya later, friends!

Steph name black


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