Morning friends! Thanks goodness Friday finally arrived.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and all the holiday treats pouring in, I really don’t want to set myself up to undo all the hard work I’ve done in the last year. So I’ve made myself a plan of action for not only Thanksgiving day but the rest of the holidays.

  • Eat plenty of veggies. It is so easy for me to just focus on the rolls, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and broccoli rice casserole that I completely forget about eating some whole veggies. We always have a cold veggie tray at Thanksgiving so instead of snacking on it before lunch my plan is to use it to load up on veggies during the meal.
  • Stop before I’m full. This one is always hard for me when family is around, it’s so nice to be able to sit around and visit that I don’t pay attention to my body. This year, I’m going to eat slowly enough that I can hear my body when it starts to tell me I’m satisfied, not full.
  • Focus on foods I can only get this time of year. This one applies a little more to just this time of year, but I know I’ll use it during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner too. Until January my work will be covered in sweets, Josh’s Grandma sends goodies and my self control goes down the drain. So I’m avoiding anything that: I can make myself, I can/do get year round, anything I don’t love. I’m perfectly fine with indulging in sweets and treats but I’m not OK with eating something I’m not crazy about just because it’s there.
  • Eat a really light breakfast. This especially applies for Thanksgiving day. We eat dinner (ok lunch really) at around noon, and my morning consists of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which equals zero exercise (it definitely wouldn’t hurt if I got a workout in, but that will take some willpower). So I want to leave myself plenty of tummy room for lunch.
  • I will probably say this to myself several times over the next month…



Steph name black

What’s your plan for holiday eating?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Eating Plan

  1. TC

    I like your tip “Focus on foods I can only get this time of year”. For me this means the foods that are made special by the holidays like cranberries and winter squash. And the other sweets I agree as well, of course in moderation. 🙂 Good list!

  2. Sarah

    I don’t really have a plan this year, but I am pleased that I won’t be eating TWO Thanksgiving meals in one day (between my parents’ house and my in-laws’), as I have in many recent years.That was a lot of food and not entirely fun, as I couldn’t completely enjoy every thing. I will probably go along with the “just eat what you really love” train of thought. For me, that means candied yams, homemade cranberry sauce, and pecan pie:-).


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