What I’m Loving Wednesday

Good morning friends! I hope you’re having a great one so far, mine started off with the alarm not going off. Yeah, not my favorite way to wake up either.

But I always have a little love to share….Smile

Christmas Music

I get really excited for November because it means I can listen to Christmas music and not feel like a total weirdo. And I love that my favorite radio station Air 1, has an online Christmas station.


Welcome to my musical world for the next two months. I will not stop listening to Christmas music until January.


With the month of November and the holiday tunes comes the cold weather, you can call me crazy but I love cold weather. I am very cold natured, in the middle of the summer I could wear a jacket as long as there is a slight breeze. But it is much more acceptable to bundle up when the temperatures are lower than 60 degrees. It is also more acceptable to turn your heater on.


This baby was turned on about a month ago, pretty much as soon as the temperatures were below 60.

I don’t necessarily like to be cold, but I do like to get bundled up in sweaters, scarves, cardigans and boots. Clothes are so much cuter in the winter!

Have a great Wednesday!

Steph name black

What’s your favorite thing about the cooler weather?

What are you loving?


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