They Know Me So Well

My parents have been on vacation the last few weeks, and they finally came home on Thursday. It is honestly a little weird for me when they are gone since I’m used to seeing them almost every day. So Josh and I were pretty excited to go to dinner on Friday night to welcome them home and hear all about their trip.

Mom and Dad made stops in Boston (to see my brother and his family, I’m very jealous), Vermont and Niagara Falls among others. The best thing about them coming home is just getting to see them again, but the second best is all the fun things they always bring home. I’m not spoiled I swear. They just know what makes me happy.

Vermont maple syrup! Apparently it takes a lot of work and rule-following to be able to label your maple syrup as “Pure Vermont Maple Syrup”.


Grade A is for table eating (pancakes, waffles, spoons), Grade B is for baking (or is it the other way around?). Now I just have to find some recipes to use maple syrup in, a lot of recipes.


They had to torture me and go to Louisa May Alcott’s (one of my favorite authors) home, Orchard House. But they did bring me back some books from there, so I forgave them.


Mom and I can’t go anywhere without buying some tea, so of course she had to find me some. They also found the coolest tea steeper/strainer I have ever seen. You steep the tea in the pot, then just set it on top of you cup and it strains on its own.


Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Steph name black

Are my parents the only ones who bring back lots of goodies from vacation?


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