The Mercy

Good morning!

Oh my goodness you guys, I made the cutest cupcakes! Just look at those beauties.


This afternoon I have a girls get-together planned and I was informed by my bestie, Paij that I had to make Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes. Since I’m not one to say no to cupcakes, or pumpkin, or anything Paij tells me to do for that matter, I happily obliged.


Ok moving on, book review time!

The Mercy is the third and final book from the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis. You can read my reviews of The Thorn and The Judgment to catch up on the story line.


Book two ended with Hen’s estranged husband Brandon getting in a car accident and losing his sight, forcing him to move in with Hen and their daughter in the Amish community he detests. As Brandon becomes increasingly frustrated when his sight does not return, he continues to distance himself from Hen and Mattie Sue. Until, that is, he begins a very unlikely friendship.

After Rose Ann breaks off her engagement with Silas, she gives up any hope of finding love. But when she is set up for a blind date, it looks like love may be just around the corner. That is until Nick shows up suddenly, claiming he wishes to return to the Amish community despite his abrupt departure and his brother’s death.

One of my favorite things about Beverly Lewis’s books is that she keeps the mystery going until about the last 20 pages, so while I’m not always sure how it’s going to end I know it will be happy. Sad, weird or cliff-hanger endings are not my cup of tea, I want to have the story closed up nicely so I don’t walk away frustrated or confused.

This book dealt a lot with forgiveness, moving on and showing mercy to someone who has wronged you. Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is an act of healing. By not showing forgiveness you only hurt yourself. Mercy is defined as; compassion shown to an offender, kindness extended to someone instead of strictness or severity. By extending mercy (or showing forgiveness) you are essentially saying to that person: I don’t like what you did, but I love you more than I dislike your mistake.

I really identified with the message of this book, can you tell? Smile

Steph name black

What have you been reading lately?


2 thoughts on “The Mercy

  1. STUFT Mama

    Holy cow- you MADE those cupcakes? I want one right now! How cute can they be with the little kiss on top? 🙂 I wish I had time to read. I have a huge stack of magazines and books that I juts can’t find time to get to. 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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