Am I The Only One?

Happy October! I’m super excited that this month is finally here, time to break out the boots (wait I still have to buy some) and cardigans.

I’ve touched a little on uniqueness before, but today’s view is more relaxed. Let’s celebrate our weirdness shall we? We all have our own little quirks about us, but please tell me I’m not the only one who does some of this stuff.

I get really excited when packages come in the mail.


First new cardigan of the year!


I have to admit, I did squeal and jump up and down a little at this one.

Untitled 2

Can someone explain to me how you are supposed to open this without a knife? Good thing no one was looking, because I sure did use a knife. I had to get to that granola goodness.

I am completely incapable of cleaning out my refrigerator before I go to the grocery store. I’ll save you a picture of this one, it’s not pretty.

Josh and I did a big grocery run yesterday, the we-haven’t-bought-anything-except-fruits, veggies-and-milk-in-the-last-month kind of shopping. So the fridge was nice and empty, but did I take 5 minutes to clean it? Nope.

In all actuality, the fridge is probably the least cleaned area in our house. I’m really not a bad housekeeper (most of the time), the rest of the house is at least clean if not always neat, but there is just something about the fridge that just sends me running.

I cannot read less than two books at a time. Usually it is closer to three or four, but no less than two.

too many books 2

I always like to have one that I’ve read before (Breaking Dawn), that way if I’m too tired to pay attention then I won’t miss anything. Then I also have one that isn’t fiction (A Visit to Vanity Fair) just so I feel like I’m getting some sort of education/self improving reading in. Honestly, The Jane Austen Book Club is only still in the pack because I’m determined to finish it, even though I’m not really liking it.

Have a lovely day, friends.

What makes you think “surely I’m not the only who who does this”?

Steph name black


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