What I’m Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week is already half over, is anyone else as excited about that as I am?

Today I’m loving…

My Crockpot

DSC_0487 (5)

One of my (many) favorite things about fall is breaking out my crockpot. I know I could use it during the summer, but I just don’t. I have no valid reason for this either.

I love being able to just toss a couple ingredients into the crockpot, wait a couple hours and tada, dinner is served.


I love today because I am off from job #1 and job #2, that means one whole day of much needed rest and relaxation. I have extensive plans to fold laundry (finally), bake a little, and park my hiney right here.


Several books are calling my name, so I intend to spend some quality time being a massive bookworm.

Speaking of bookworms, my parent’s got me this mug several years ago when they were on vacation.

DSC_0488 (4)

DSC_0492 (4)

Whenever someone questions my reading habits, I always refer to the Reader’s Bill of Rights. My favorite is #5, when I start a new book I always read the last sentence first. If it intrigues me then I know I’ll enjoy the book, if not then I pass on it.

Oh my shows

Fall not only means crockpot meals, pumpkin everything and lots of oatmeal. It also means all my TV shows are coming back! First up, Fringe on Friday night.



Where are you Peter Bishop? And J.J. Abrams, why must you write such insane shows? I would hate to be inside your head.

Then I have to wait until November for Bones, those jerks.



Don’t they understand that I am not a patient person? I need to see some Brennan and Booth baby cuteness. Now.

Steph name black

What are you loving today?


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