Game On

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or you are lucky enough unfortunate enough to save a significant other who isn’t obsessed with sports, football season started on Thursday. And so begins the longest season of the year.

My husband is a major football fan, while I couldn’t care less about football, or sports in general for that matter. But I try to be a supportive wife and at least feign interest in the few games I manage to make it through. It does help to have come cuties to watch, Smiley (AKA Hines Ward) is my favorite.



In this house, we are Steelers fans all the way. And by we I mean Josh is a Steelers fan and I go along with it.



With the start of football season also comes fantasy football. I honestly never understood the idea of this, why can’t you just watch the games and be done? Apparently 10-15 games per week is not quite enough football. Josh has always done the fantasy football thing with his buddies, they get together and have a draft party and the winner of the league gets bragging rights.

This year, I had a momentary lapse of sanity and asked Josh if he wanted to do a fantasy football league with me. He of course jumped at the chance to beat my “what is a running back again?” hiney spend some extra time with me every week. I decided that this league would be a test of whether or not studying and knowing a lot about the game makes a difference.

So we had our draft a couple weeks ago: Josh spent time thinking about each choice for his teams, while I chose guys that I either liked their name or the team sounded fun. I used a similar system to the one I use to decide which team to root for during any game, whoever has the prettier uniforms gets my vote. When we were done with the draft Josh did admit that I had two pretty good teams.

fantasy football

Josh seems to think that he is going to win already, he only has more points because none of my guys have played yet. I think I should win solely because of my creative team names, I only got to use Steelers based on the ‘ladies first’ attitude.

While I could not care less about football, I do like doing something with Josh that he really enjoys even if I don’t. Our time together is minimal at best, so an extra hour or two a week is something worth sacrificing a little bit for.

I wonder if I can convince Josh to cook with me now….no wait he tries to do that now, no dice. Maybe hours of book shopping….he does that now too. Watching girly movies with me with minimal complaining…. well shoot, apparently I have some catching up to do. Maybe this whole fantasy football thing was a good idea.

Steph name black

Do you or your significant other watch football?

Have you/do you every do something with your significant other just because they like it?


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