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Good morning all! I have very exciting news to share, A Hungry Bookworm now has it’s own domain! Thank goodness, because seriously the old one was quite a mouth full. For those of you who subscribe (I love you, by the way) you will need to update your subscription from to

I hope this Sunday morning finds you well. Josh and I are off for a busy day, we’re heading with Mom and Dad to Springfield to spend the day with my Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle. As this posts we are (hopefully) in the car, Starbucks in hand.

Fun fact of the day: my family cannot, and I mean cannot go anywhere that requires a highway or large road without Sbux. And no, I’m not exaggerating in that statement.

Anyway, moving on. Tina posted her blog mission statement the other day, and I was so inspired by it and her challenge for fellow bloggers to write their own mission statement.  Her post came at a really great time because this was something I’d really been thinking about lately. By the way, if you don’t follow Tina, you really should.

This blog has been evolving in my mind and I want what you find here to match what I see in my mind and what I feel in my heart. Blogs evolve and grow over time, just like we do.

When you visit me here I want you to be able to take something with you when you close your browser. I want you to feel you know me, and I want to feel I know you as well. A huge part of this for me is being honest and open. With that in mind, here is my current (because I’m sure it will also evolve) blog mission statement:

Share my life openly and honestly including my hopes, fears, letdowns and triumphs.

Through honest sharing show people who are struggling with weight loss, self-love, body image, and an unhealthy relationship with food can know they are not alone and there is always hope.

Share my love of not only food and books, but of family, friends, faith and life. By sharing all aspects of my life, I hope to show that a balanced life does involve eating healthy and taking care of your body, but it also includes copious amounts of the things that make you happy.



As part of my development of this mission statement, I have decided to not continue my Sunday Worship Song posts. I came to this conclusion because I don’t want to ever shove my beliefs down someone’s throat. I will share my beliefs and my faith very openly, but I feel like the SWS posts could easily and quickly become something I don’t want them to be. When I started those posts it was simply to get myself into a blogging routine, which it has. So I feel like SWS has served it purpose.

I don’t want to preach and I don’t want to make others feel like if they don’t believe the way I do that they won’t be welcome here. I strive to live a balanced life, and for me that includes my faith, but I know that is not the case for everyone. I want AHB to be an open environment that anyone can feel comfortable visiting, regardless of their beliefs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well. Have a great day!

Steph name black


7 thoughts on “Blog Mission Statement

    1. Steph Post author

      Thanks for pushing me to do it Tina. It is very empowering! Just putting it all out there gives me a greater passion to live up to it.

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I saw Tina’s blog mission statement and agree that it was totally inspiring. Although I never was around for your Sunday Worship song posts, I can totally relate on how hard it can be to have a strong faith and try not to scream it from the rooftops haha 😀

    Regardless, I look forward to still reading about your faith in your blog! There are too little of us out here in the blogosphere 😉

    1. Steph Post author

      I knew you would get it too Brittany! I totally agree about so few of us faith sharing bloggers out there, although I really understand those that choose not to share about their faith. Thanks for your support, it really means a lot 🙂

  2. mamaeatsspinach

    Steph, I feel like you’re already living out your blog mission statement within this post. Already, I have the feeling like I’m getting to know you better. Much like you, humility, honesty, and openness are qualities I really value in a person, and you have those. I’m so glad we got to meet. (I mean, it really makes me happy. Does that make me crazy? We can blame it on the pregnancy hormones if you want.)
    I think I understand where you’re coming from in the faith department. Of course it’s ok to talk about, but there can be a line between sharing excitement and preaching when talking about things we’re passionate about. I’d say you just do what feels best to you, and it’ll turn out wonderfully.

    1. Steph Post author

      Sarah, first of all thank you for your comment, it really means a lot to me (and I do mean a lot). I feel exactly the same about finding you through your blog, I was so happy to find someone that I felt like I was seeing the real person simply through posts.
      I’m so happy we’ve been able to meet too (or whatever the equivalent is in the blog world), so no, you’re not crazy. We can find something else to blame the pregnancy hormones for. 🙂


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