The Thorn Book Review

You should be so proud of me. Because I actually did what I said and did not read a historical fiction book! This time at least. I’m not making any promises for next time.

The Thorn is book one in The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis. The book follows two sisters, Rose Ann and Hen as they face decisions and situations that will change not only their lives, but those around them as well.



Rose Ann has long been close with the Bishop’s rebellious adopted son Nick and continues to receive warnings from friends and family to stay away from him. But Rose is being courted by Silas, so she repeatedly dismisses the warnings about Nick.

Hen (short for Hannah, how cute is that?) left the People to marry an outsider, Brandon. Brandon is the epitome of all that is English, thus the basis of his initial appeal. But as Hen begins to raise their daughter, Mattie Sue, she fears the affect of worldly influences upon her. As each day passes, Hen feels more drawn towards the Plain life of her childhood, she wonders if a short stay with her family would be good for herself and Mattie Sue, despite the fierce disapproval of Brandon.

As with any other Beverly Lewis book, I loved it. Although her characters live a simple life, Lewis proves that being Plain does not keep you from trouble. Just like anyone who puts their faith in God, that faith tends to be tested more often than not.

Lewis’s gives her characters faith; but they have to continually make a choice to hold on to that faith no matter the consequences, or give in to the trials and troubles they find themselves in. Rose and Hen frequently make a choice to give things over to God or try and solve things on their own. While they are Amish in this story, anyone can relate to the problems experienced by these sisters.

I’m so excited to read the rest of this series and see what happens to these wonderful characters.

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