What I’m Loving Wednesday

Say this with me: today is going to be a good day, today is going to be a good day. Are we convinced? OK, good. Moving on…



Pumpkin pie to be exact. Pumpkin pie is quite possibly my favorite part about all winter holidays, at least my favorite food part that is. I literally have to tell myself ‘step away from the pie. I mean it, step away right now’. It’s just just so yummy and comforting.


I tweaked the recipe a tiny bit to make it more Weight Watcher friendly. All I really changed was swapping out the regular evaporated milk for fat free, sugar for splenda, and eggs for egg whites. It’s still a little high on the points but a little healthier is better than nothing, and I really didn’t notice a difference in the flavor. Well, besides the fact that I had no ground ginger in my cabinet. Will I ever make a recipe and have all the ingredients on hand? I think not.

So every summer (and spring, fall and winter) I always have to make one or two, or maybe three pumpkin pie so satisfy the craving that always arises for that creamy, yummy, pumpkiny goodness. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and pumpkin always makes me think of snuggling up in a nice warm sweater and walking through piles of red, orange and yellow leaves and hearing the crunch, crunch, crunch as I walk. 


Now that my pumpkin craving has been satisfied, I am so ready for fall! In all actuality, it is very unlikely that my craving for pumpkin is over, once it starts getting a little cooler I will be making pumpkin everything. And no, I’m not exaggerating, pumpkin everything, prepare yourselves now.


I have recently become somewhat obsessed with Etsy. I love the idea of buying things that I know are handmade, at least for the most part. Currently I am salivating over this apron, I want it really, really bad. Goodness knows I need it, I am not exactly a neat baker. My kitchen always has to be deep cleaned after I bake. Yeah, it’s not too pretty. Just don’t come a callin’ while I’m in baking mode ok?

Since I’m anxious for fall to get here I’ve been checking out all the fall decorations. I’m contemplating making my own wreath this year, but I think I want to stay away from the grapevine wreaths since I tend to sneeze a lot around them. Any thoughts/ideas? I do love these as an alternative to door wreaths for each season.

If you haven’t checked out Etsy yet you really should, and while your at it go see my friend Rachel’s photography shop, she is quite lovely.

What are you loving today?

Are you an Etsy fan? What’s your favorite shop?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Steph name black


One thought on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Lisa Allen

    That’s too funny. I have a list started of gift ideas for everyone as I see ideas that strike me. On yours was an apron much like the one you chose. Let me know when you get it. It really is pretty! :o) As for etsy, I enjoy it some. It’s more expensive than I like. I am hooked on DIY type blogs. Big surprise huh? LOL Happy Friday!


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