Sunday Worship Song

This song is such a wonderful reminder of how useless we are without God’s help. We can make an effort and maybe it looks like we can handle everything, but in reality we’re just fooling ourselves. We have to turn to God, we have to give Him control. Only then will things begin to fall in place.

You are strength in my weakness and

You are the refuge I seek

I mentioned last week about Josh’s job hunt, we are still in the waiting phase. The job we both really thought he had did not come through. I know it is because God has something else out there, I know He will bring it along at the right time, and I know He will take care of us until then. Just because you know something doesn’t make it any easier, faith is not something we just have that always automatically make us feel better. Faith is something we continually have to ask God for; faith in Him, faith in His plan, faith and belief that the troubles of this life are only temporary. 

Have a wonderful Sunday, worship God wherever you are today!

Steph name black


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