Double Chocolate Cupcakes: Semi-fail

I had good intentions going into these cupcakes; one of my bosses accidentally dropped something on my foot the other day. I felt ok besides some pain, but I went ahead and got checked out to make him feel better. So anyway, long story short everything is fine, my toes are just a little bruised. But he felt horrible, I mean I have never been apologized to so many times in my life.

So I decided I’d make him cupcakes to make him feel better, and sort of make a little joke of it. I had one of my coworkers do some detective work to find out what flavor of cake he likes, turns out he’s partial to chocolate. I can do that, piece of cake (no pun intended…ok maybe a little). The only problem? He only does low fat. I knew I could do the cupcakes low fat by just using applesauce instead of oil, but I had not idea how to make low fat frosting. I mean it uses butter for goodness sakes!

After some additional detective work I found out how he makes frosting; pudding mix whipped up with a little milk. Doesn’t sound too hard right? Yeah, that’s what I though too.


I was very lazy and used a boxed cake mix, but I did finally get the beautiful uniform cupcakes I’ve been trying for. You want to know the secret? A 1/4 cup measuring cup. Yeah, I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out.


Once the cupcakes were all baked and cooled I got to work on the frosting. It sounded easy. You can see where this is going can’t you?



One big, gooey, globby, mess. I though maybe I put in too much milk, so I added another box of pudding. It didn’t help. On the bright side, I finally got to use my new mixer. I’m sure it would have done a good job if I had known what I was doing.


So with very little time to spare to complete these little guys, and no chocolate chips to make normal chocolate frosting (plus I didn’t want to make frosting he couldn’t eat). I decided to go with Cool Whip Free as frosting, it’s better than nothing right?


Then I added some “toes”, which were nutter butter cookies with the ends broken off and pink gel icing for nails.




They didn’t turn out the way I imagined. I had visions of pretty chocolate cupcakes covered in fluffy chocolate frosting. As per usual, things didn’t turn out the way I intended, but they still look pretty cute!

Steph name black

Have you ever tried to make a joke out of a situation? How did it go?

What was your last kitchen semi-fail?


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