What I’m Loving Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning! I hope your week is going wonderfully. If it isn’t, grab a cup of coffee (or tea), take a breath, and decide to make today a good day. If that still doesn’t help, hopefully what I’m loving will remind you of what you’re loving…

My new mixer

Alright, alright so I’m not technically loving it yet. But that is only because I have yet to try it. And that is only because I haven’t had time yet. But I still love it.


Isn’t it pretty?


Remember I made my last batch of cupcakes and that fabulous frosting? Which don’t get me wrong, that frosting was amazing, but 20 minutes of mixing with this little guy is not my idea of fun baking.


It was after that adventure I decided I needed a stand mixer. And since I have the greatest Mommy ever, she went and bought me one. Smile Thanks Mom!


Just a bit of an upgrade huh?


I was introduced to yoga about a year and a half ago along with my friend Eva. Since then I have fallen in love.


It is challenging without being in your face, a great workout without making you pour with sweat (post of the time), and gives you strength without breaking you. I tend to go through fazes where I sort of forget about yoga. The I think, how long has it been since I practiced? I then immediately do some yoga, and fall in love all over again. I have to tell you, it is amazing how much tension you hold in parts of your body, yoga always works those out for me.IMG_0155

Honk if you love your yoga mat!


Transition from yoga to chocolate, really? Yes, really. Don’t judge, chocolate is a food group. It’s all about the balance people.IMG_0144

I love that the good people at WW understand that a girl needs some chocolate sometimes, plus it’s conveniently one point a piece. Hhhmm, this bag is still unopened, that just doesn’t seem right.

What are you loving today?

Have you ever tried yoga? What are your thoughts?


Steph name black


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