Luau Cupcakes + What I Learned Yesterday

One of my very good friends has recently moved into her own home, thereby requiring a house-warming party. I volunteered myself to make cupcakes, and since the party’s theme is luau, of course I had to make some little cuties! So yesterday I got busy in the kitchen.

For the cake I was lazy and used a cake mix with a few modifications.

Cake ingredients

This picture was taken after I assembled all of my ingredients for the cake, and discovered I forgot the sour cream. So off I went to the grocery store, for the second time (Lucky for me we have one just up the road from our house!). I did wind up mixing everything together and then splitting it in two, in one batch I used vanilla extract and the other I used coconut.

For the frosting, I used the recipe from Our Best Bites <– these girls are amazing! I was a little nervous to make my own frosting, especially one that you cook first, and also doesn’t have any powdered sugar.

At this point I realized I didn’t have any butter, so off I went to the grocery store, for the third time. I promise I am usually a very organized person, but apparently today my brain went on vacation and forgot to tell me. 😉

Not too appetizing yet is it?

It looked thoroughly gross for quite a while and I almost gave up, I’m so glad I didn’t because this puppy turned into a lovely fluffy concoction!

Fluffy clouds of deliciousness

I am really picky when it comes to frosting. I don’t want it too sweet, and I want it fluffy and light. This recipe completely delivered, I don’t think I will be using another frosting recipe, ever.

Cuteness in a cupcake liner

These little guys did not like to have their pictures taken, but they sure turned out cute!

Makeshift cupcake boxes

Note to self: next time spend the extra $2 and get a cupcake box, that way you won’t have to run around the kitchen looking for plastic dishes that are large enough, ok?

In addition to the need for me to make more complete shopping lists and buy cupcake boxes, I also learned that just because something is supposed to make life easier doesn’t mean it will.

Exhibit A:

I found these fancy little cupcake liners, I wasn’t looking for these but I really wanted blue liners and this was all I could find, so I bought them. They sound great right? No muffin pan, heavy-duty, easily removal. Yeah well, they were nice until I went to taste test one of the cupcakes.

Exhibit B:

Burnt bottoms! Not exactly what I was going for with these cupcakes. Oh well, you live you learn right? Other than the slightly overdone-ness, they were quite tasty!

Have you had any mishaps in the kitchen lately?


5 thoughts on “Luau Cupcakes + What I Learned Yesterday

      1. Lisa Chapman

        If you coe to SC I will make Red Velvet cake, you can not come to the South and NOT have it. 🙂

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