The Silent Governess Book Review

The Silent Governess is the second book I’ve read by Julie Klassen, one thing I love about her writing is that her books are easy reads while still being beautifully and complexly written. This book is (surprise) a historical fiction novel set in 19th-century England, it is about Olivia, a young woman who runs from her home and family in an effort to conceal her dark secret. When she attempts to find employment for herself she winds up discovering the secret of Lord Bradley, the young heir to Brightwell Court.

With his secret discovered, Lord Bradley has to protect his home and inheritance by keeping a close eye on Olivia. As Olivia works in Brightwell Court she discovers that everyone has their own secret, and sometimes the biggest secret you keep is from yourself.

I like to think that I can anticipate the endings of most books (now that I’ve said that, every book I review will have a surprise ending), but this one took me completely off guard.

Julie Klassen gives a wonderful view of the upstairs-downstairs life and politics of 19th-century England while still telling a romantic, mysterious story.

Match made in heaven

Anytime you can pair a book with hot chocolate, you’ve got a winner! The Silent Governess gets 4 Sweet PB Spoons.

Have you read anything good lately?


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