Job Situation: Explained

I promised in my About Me that I would explain my seemingly random job situation, and as I am not one to go back on my promises, here it is. Honestly, I considered not even talking about my job at all on here, but after a lot of thought about what I want this blog to be I came to the realization that I want it to be me. I want to be an open book (hehe get it? Sorry I couldn’t help myself), I want to be honest, sometimes blunt, sometimes ditsy but always me. If you don’t know me in person, I want you to feel that you do. And if you do know me in person, I want you to feel that you know me better through my blog. This brings me to today’s topic: work. Because honestly, the story behind my job situation will help you to know me better. So without further ado…

Job #1

I have two jobs; a full-time job and a part-time job (companies kept private for safety reasons). My full-time and primary job is in retail where I work as a department head. I have been with the same company since I was 16, it was my first ‘real’ job apart from babysitting and working with my Dad (I’ll get to this in a minute). I did leave this job for about a year when Josh I first started dating but went back after we got engaged.

Finally Done!

When I graduated college in December 2009 I began the process of applying for jobs now that I had my degree in Communication and Public Relations. Prior to this point I was still in my retail job as a helper in a department. My department head and I had worked together for several years and enjoyed being in the same department.

I applied for what seemed like a zillion jobs, had quite a few interviews and enjoyed meeting a lot of wonderful people. The interview process alone taught me a lot about myself not only as a professional, but as a person. It really made me realize the kind of position I would and would not enjoy being in. I was in the process of having multiple interviews with a local company for a management position when my department head at work became very sick. She took off a few weeks to recuperate, and after a lot of prayer I decided to put a pause of my job hunting until she came back. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘why on earth did you do that?’. I did it because it’s what felt right, I trusted God to guide my decisions and that is what I felt He wanted me to do.

To make a really long story not quite so long, my department head was never able to come back to work (hence why I have the position now). She fought sickness after sickness for the last year, and she passed away just a few weeks ago. Although I am saddened by her death, I am glad she won’t be fighting a sickness anymore.

Job #2

On to my part-time job, henceforth referred to as job number two. My Dad has been Administrator of a non-profit company since the late 90’s, before I started at Job #1 I worked with him as an Administrative Assistant which is a fancy way of saying I did whatever he told me to. I’ve been working with him off and on since then, I even did any internship with him while I was in college.

After I made my decision to stay at Job #1 I asked Dad if I could start working with him on a more consistent level. He, of course had no problem with that idea, honestly I think he said yes just so he would have someone to pick on several time a week. 🙂

Daddy's girl!

Now I am the Director of Donor Relations, which sounds really fancy but seriously Dad and I are the only ones in the office (AKA my old room in Mom and Dad’s house). The great thing about this job is I get to hangout with my Dad all the time and I get to use a lot of the Communication/PR stuff I learned in college.

So there you have it, my strange job situation. Now you may be asking ‘why do you even work two jobs?’. Well the easy answer is because I have to, I want Josh to be able to focus on school as much as he needs to and work as little as he needs to. That’s not to say he doesn’t work, he does work really hard, but Job #1 and his job just wouldn’t cut it for us financially. So, yes I work two jobs because I have to, but I also do it because I love both of my jobs. At my full-time job I get to be around some wonderful people who are like a family to me and do a job I love. My part-time job is great because I get to see my parents more often than I would otherwise, and I get to do a totally different job that I equally love.

Will I do the two job thing forever? Absolutely not, but for now it’s working for my little family and I’m not too exhausted most of the time. 😉 I semi-apologize for the long post, but seriously if you know me you know I can’t tell a short story.


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