Water For Elephants Book Review

Since it’s rather obvious that I am a book fanatic, I thought it would be fun to include book reviews on my blog. But before we get to the good stuff; here’s how I’m going to be rating any and all books I come across.

Ranking in Peanut Butter Spoons: Source – Since *ahem* my wonderful Husband has yet to format a pretty PB Spoon picture for me.

1 – 5 PB Spoons:

  • 1 being a horrible piece of literature I would never recommend to my worst enemy
  • 5 being the most amazingly wonderful book I have ever encountered

And since that’s just not enough…

Ranking by Peanut Butter Type (yeah I’m obsessed):

Salty PB – Includes offensive language/sex scenes

Sweet PB – A clean book from start to finish

Honey PB – Sickening-ly sweet, if these people existed in real life they would induce nausea

Jelly PB – Kid friendly book

Now that we’ve got that covered, on to the first ever Hungry Bookworm Book Review. *Insert drum roll here*

I just finished reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. This was recommended to me by my best friend, since she has yet to let me down I jumped at the chance to read it. When Robert Pattinson is on the cover how can you resist?

This story follows Jacob, young veterinarian, during the Great Depression as he finds himself working on a circus where things aren’t always as they seem. Of course, he falls in love with the one woman he shouldn’t, Marlena, the wife of the deranged animal trainer. Since I don’t want to ruin the plot should you decide to read it, that’s all I’m saying about the story. If you really want to know what happens, ask real nice and I’ll tell you. 😉

One thing I enjoyed about this story was the historical aspect, I could tell the author really did her homework about not only the circus life but the Great Depression as well. I naturally gravitate towards historical fiction stories. I love being immersed in another time and way of life and this book really delivered in that respect.

At one point in the story they obtain an elephant (Rosie), the holy grail of the circus world. I’m not exaggerating when I say that by the end of the book I wanted a pet elephant, her name will be Rosie.

Sara Gruen has a wonderful way with words, she painted some beautiful pictures of circus life during the Depression. My favorite part of this book was when she described the animals performing: including the elephant and horses, it was just beautiful and moving.

The major downfall for me was twofold; language and sex scenes. Although I know in a way the language helped set the feel for the circus life, but I don’t appreciate foul language and this book had a lot of it. Although about halfway through the book the language almost completely disappears. I probably could have gotten past the language alone, but there were several very adult scenes. Not just sex scenes but also scenes of *ahem* alternative forms of employment.

That being said, I liked this story. But I would have liked it better had it been a little cleaner. Although, if you like historical fiction and do like I did and skip ahead a few pages when things start getting dicey, you will probably like this book.

I’m really interested to see this story turned into a movie, especially the animal performances. I’m also excited that the movie is PG-13 so maybe it will be cleaner than the book.

Final rating:

3.5 Salty PB Spoons (had it omitted the language and sex, it would have gotten a 4)


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