Do What You Love

Happy Monday Afternoon!

This morning I shared with Josh my new view on fitness; do what you love. As you may know, I have been doing the P90x workouts with Josh for the last two months. There are several workouts I really enjoy, mainly YogaX. But recently I have just not been loving it, I’ve missed my daily walks and haven’t been enjoying my daily workouts. I am a big believer in the if-you-don’t-enjoy-what-you-do-you-won’t-do-it-well way of thinking. Since I haven’t been enjoying my workouts lately I decided to stop the P90x routine. I’m just going to do whatever workout I feel like on whatever day, which I do think will include some of the P90x workouts.

After this fitness decision we decided it was probably time to actually get out of bed and start our day. Josh and I both have the day off and he ended up not having class this morning, talk about getting spoiled!

After taking him on a short walk, Josh headed off to play golf. My goal for this morning was to tackle an item that has been on my to-do list for weeks; cleaning out the flower beds in front of our house. We’ve been in this house for a little over a year and I had yet to touch the flower beds. Since we’re renting this house I don’t want to plant anything in them, but they sure were getting a little wild.

Small flower bed

You can’t really see all of the leaves and dead grass covering the bottom of these beds, but boy there was a lot! I disturbed a few colonies of ants in my weed pulling endeavor; which reminded me of a book we used to read when I was little called A City Under the Back Steps. I may have to rummage through my personal library until I find this one, I really want to read it now.

Pretty flower bed

After an hour and a half, four bags of leaves/weeds and a surprise hose I was done! I knew there was a hose in there somewhere!

The hiding hose

In celebration of my do-whatever-workout-I-want decision, I’m totally counting this as today’s workout. Seven activity points baby! Did I enjoy my workout today, yes I did! Fitness goal: accomplished!

Me! Sans makeup and thoroughly sweaty

I’m off to eat some lunch and fold a mountain of laundry. Have a wonderful Monday!

Did you enjoy your workout today?


One thought on “Do What You Love

  1. Joyce

    I shall take full responsibility for the topic of ants and the book! Remember, the red ones taste like cinamon and the black ones like vanilla! Mom


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